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How Do You Know If You’re Renting in a Foreclosed Property?

If you’re not sure your building has been foreclosed on, look for these signs.

Has your landlord disappeared?

Has it been awhile since anyone has seen or heard from your landlord? Has anyone in your building tried to contact the landlord and no one has heard back?

Contacted by banks or realtors?

You may receive calls or postal mail from a bank or real estate agents asking questions about your tenancy. It’s almost certain your building has been sold if you receive a “Tenant Information Disclosure Form.”

People looking around the building?

Have you seen people walking around the building, looking like they’re checking things out? Has someone claimed to be the new owner?

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Free Consultation  Pay no out-of-pocket attorney’s fees if you qualify

Do You Qualify for Relocation Assistance?

The KCRO is the Keep Chicago Renting Ordinance, a law that protects the rights of tenants when a landlord stops paying the mortgage and the property is sold at a foreclosure sale. Being a tenant in a foreclosed rental property can be scary and confusing. Tenants are often contacted by a bewildering array of realtors, property managers, law firms, owner’s agents, and others, and are frequently given conflicting information. Failure to take the right action under these confusing circumstances can lead to being evicted and the loss of personal property, or signing away thousands of dollars of relocation assistance you could be entitled to under the law.

The Law Office of Joan M. Fenstermaker P.C. works with tenants within the City of Chicago to help them assert their rights, understand their situation, make informed decisions, and get what they deserve.

Pay no out-of-pocket attorney’s fees if you qualify

Rent in the City of Chicago

The KCRO is an ordinance passed by the City of Chicago. It applies to property within the city limits and does not extend to the suburbs.

Renters only, no homeowners

The KCRO applies to people renting foreclosed property. If you are a homeowner going through foreclosure, the KCRO does not apply.

Not family of the landlord

The KCRO does not apply to tenants who are the children, spouse, or parents of the owner of a foreclosed property, even if they pay rent.

Pay market-rate rent

The KCRO does not apply if your rent is lower than the fair market rental rate by a special arrangement you made with the landlord.

Foreclosure must be completed

The KCRO protects tenants from being evicted without cause by a new owner after a foreclosure is completed. Foreclosure is a long process. A property can be “in foreclosure” for a long time, meaning the current owner is in the process of losing the property, but has not yet lost it. Through the foreclosure process, the owner has all the rights and obligations a landlord in Chicago normally does.
The KCRO does not apply until foreclosure is complete and the property is sold to a new owner.

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